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Guesthouse Gimbur has 7 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 18 guests.
We have unique surroundings and provide hospitality with personal service and relaxed atmosphere.

The house has two bedrooms ensuite with separate entrance and 5 bedrooms in the house, two bathrooms, two showers, one tub and a hot tub on the terrac. Large kitchen and large dining /sittingroom on second floor.


 Guesthouse Gimbur is located in North Iceland on road 76, 23km north of Hofsós.

Facing the Arctic ocean we experience the Midnight sun in summer, and Northern lights in winter. No light pollution on dark winter nights.


Hiking in the surrounding area, with our friendly dog Varmi, bird watching, outdoor hot tub  and horse riding in the summer time. Cross-country skiing, Northern lights and unique experience in the dark winter. Hofsós swimming pool (15 min drive), museum and restaurants close by and the town of Siglufjörður (30 min drive).

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