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About Us

Sustainability and hospitality is our motto


Sustainable heating

Reykjarhóll (pronounced "reikiarhodl"), means ,,smoke hill" since ,,smoke" rose from the hill by the farm when settlers came here. What looked like smoke was actually steam from the hot water spring on the hill. From this spring we get our local geothermal hot water that heats the house and gives us endless hot water all year round. The drinking water comes from a local fresh water spring nearby.


Sustainable food

We use local food as much as possible. In summer we grow our own vegtables and we pick local wild herbs, seaweed and blueberries. We also bake our own bread.


All disposal is sorted and recycled.


We have emphasis on comfort and friendly atmosphere.

On April 1st 2015 we opened our cozy Gimbur Guesthouse at Reykjarhóll by the north coast of Iceland. 

We are Jón and Sjöfn, a couple in our fifties who have had partly residence in this location for the past 30 years. Now we had the opportunity to let our dreams come true and stay here all year round and welcome visitors at Gimbur. Our background is in social sciences and visual arts and we have great interest in nature and preserving its diversity. We also like to play golf and bridge in our free time.


Guesthouse Gimbur welcomes people who like to explore and experience unspoiled nature in peace and, if wished for, with some challenge.

The surroundings give many opportunities for exploring nature such as bird life, vegetation, midnight sun and the Aurora Borealis.

Perfect environment for creative people to get inspired!

Beautiful nature - perfect hideaway.

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